About Us

T. Ramos and Associates continues to be an industry leader in the proper handling of investigations in the workers’ compensation arena with specialized expertise in Corporate Security and Risk Threat Analysis.

Although the focus of our company has historically been on conducting workers’ compensation investigations, we have also evolved to encompass other areas of expertise. T. Ramos and Associates  has an established, professional team with many years of combined experience in workers’ compensation investigations, general, civil and criminal investigations.

Our network of highly skilled and licensed private investigators and retired law enforcement allows for a vast array of expertise in these different areas.

Our continued commitment to our clients and a thorough case handling process produces exceptional results and reports.

T. Ramos and Associates is able to assist in mitigating the claim costs by having prompt and easy access to our staff and investigators in the field. Our clients appreciate the fact that we offer a solution to their needs of a timely investigation, monitoring costs and delivering factual and exceptional reports. The goal is to have all parties working together in moving the claim towards resolution. When authorized, we work with your client for the expediency required in many aspects of investigations such as an AOE/COE.

Claims administrators and their clients have direct and immediate contact with our staff and investigators in the field which allow for timely and comprehensive work product.

It is a true testament to our results that have been bringing increased word-of-mouth referral business our way. We are grateful to our clients for this tremendous honor. We are extremely appreciative of the continued support of our clients over the years and the trust and positive reviews from our new clients. Their belief in the need for a boutique investigative firm and experience in our investigative process has allowed us to succeed. We look forward to serving your investigative needs. We provide exceptional service in the industry!

About the CEO:

CEO, CPI and Founder, Timothy Ramos, is a retired police sergeant and former SWAT team leader. Tim possesses many years of experience in conducting private investigations, criminal investigations, narcotic and drug interdiction cases and instructing defensive tactics. He trained with both State and Federal agencies which included DEA, FBI, ATF and Customs and Border Protection training programs. During his time as a DARE Officer with the local school district, Tim developed and managed various training programs related to active shooter scenarios, threat assessment and work place violence. He is bilingual, a consummate professional and has developed and refined his interviewing techniques which allow for subjects to feel comfortable and forthcoming during interviews. His work ethic and integrity is highly admired and his passion for his profession is shown in the high quality work product he and his staff provides for our clients.

Tim can be reached at tramos@tramosassociates.com or (909) 815-7987.

There is no greater compliment than a referral from clients who value the T. Ramos and Associates work product. Tim and his staff appreciate the continued support of adjusters, risk managers, client liaison and attorneys and value their business and continued patronage.

Corporate Training and Services:

In our current world of uncertainty, along with the added threat of terrorism and workplace violence, we now offer a new educational and training service. The issues of safety for your company, as well as your clients, are paramount. We offer valuable courses through our partnership with Global Options and Solutions, and provide training and services related to Workplace Violence, Crisis Management & Response, Medical Emergency Response Protocols and Corporate Security/Risk Threat Analysis. CEO, Raffaele DiGiorgio, is a mentor, instructor and field operations specialist, who has joined the T. Ramos and Associates team. Raffaele stays active in the field at various operational levels, providing government agencies with protection and medical services throughout the world, including the provision of support to cabinet and ambassadorial level protection details in high threat and non-permissive environments. He is a sought after author, lecturer, instructor and mentor; providing services throughout the world.