Civil Investigation

A civil trial involves two (or more) individual citizens who disagree on an issue that relates to their rights as citizens.  A person or entity will bring forward complaints that another person or entity failed to uphold their legal duty. The accusatory party will ask for completion of duty or compensation for the harm done. Some scenarios where a civil investigation may be necessary are Personal Injury cases, Worker’s Compensation, and breach of contract.

One or both parties can initiate a civil investigation. Civil investigations focus on assembling the evidence essential to such a trial in a reliable, legal manner.   The Investigator will gather evidence through:

  • Witness interviews
  • Financial documents such as checks and bank statements
  • Computer forensics such as computer and cell phone activity (including emails and texts)
  • Statements from family, friends, and colleagues
  • Public Records
  • Physical evidence

Civil Investigators provide unbiased proof in a professional and legal manner.